The Power of the Written Word

        Hetty Gray In the Arms - Five Short Stories
By Hetty Gray

Often, a short story has as much impact as a full-length novel.  Immerse yourself in the lives of children, and adults who find comfort I the guidance and love of family and friends.

It is hard to over-emphasize the central role of faith in everyday life.  Now, more than ever, America needs to turn back to God.  Society removed Him from both the classroom and playing field.  We, as a people, are in peril and at the risk of losing all we cherish when we ignore the tenets of the Judeo-Christian belief upon which this nation was founded.

May these stories rekindle your faith and may their central messages encourage you to reassess daily life.

If you enjoy reading these stories half as much as I did writing them, I will have achieved my goal.

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