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        Hetty Gray Love to the third power
By Hetty Gray

Hetty Gray tantalizes the imaginations of her readers in a series of five short stories. Love To The Third Power, underscores a seminal message: no force surpasses love.

A delightful read, this book offers a respite from the prurient, scandalous works that constantly surface to assail the sensibilities of the reading public.

What motivates goodness? What prompts that small voice within one's being to summon generosity and sharing? If you seek more meaning in your life, immerse yourself in these stories of interesting people and fascinating locales.

Powerful plots illuminate a gentle, spiritual mindset. Need a lift? Delve into the lives of intriguing people. Savor experiences unlike any you have ever known. More than a purchase, Love To The Third Power is an investment in a simple truth: one person can make a difference!

A gem for book clubs and discussion groups, five stories weave history and mystery into a literary treat! Food for thought, Love To The Third Power fills a void for readers who seek mesmerizing stories that extol values so basic to America --- character, integrity, and concern for others.

Book Reviews

"Love is one of the most common themes in fiction, but there is nothing common about the love defined in this book--- love raised to a third power. On one level, they can be seen as expressing the love of God. On another level, they each illustrate a different kind of human love. These stories are about more than the ordinary kinds of love between a man and a woman or a parent and a child. These stories embrace less expected forms. Gray's gift for description makes the stories come to life for the reader. A wide range of locations plus well developed, attractive characters underscore the optimism that runs throughout the book. Although sorrows and disappointments occur, they are never pointless. Happy endings rule, either in this world or the next. This is a Christian book that grows out of the faith of the author. Using Biblical references at the end of each story, Gray does not so much preach as illustrate. She says, "This is what the world is like, and this is the way I make sense of it." This book will help us all to make sense of the world." Malcom Nygren, S.T.D., Pastor Emeritus, First Presbyterian Church, Champaign, Illinois

"Hetty Gray is a master storyteller whose stories everyone will find to be a source of encouragement and hope. As I read the stories, I found myself connected to the characters and the life-events surrounding them. For me as a pastor, these stories were so real, that I could not discern whether they were fiction or non-fiction. For anyone who is looking to read stories that bring peace and enjoyment to life, I highly recommend this work. Love To The Third Power is a delightful work for both the heart and soul of mankind. "
Reverend David Valentine, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Huntsville, Texas

The author espouses Christian truth with both sensitivity and compassion. For the new century --- yes, for our own needful, unfolding time --- here is a moral optimism sorely needed. As Hetty Gray relates her message in story, or parable form, the reader will be wholesomely and amply rewarded. "
Warren Frederick Mathis, Completing his 56th year as Senior Minister of Fountain Square Christian Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, established February 14, 1875.

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