The Power of the Written Word

        Hetty Gray PRISM
by Hetty Gray

On a small farm in rural Indiana, Wes and Emma were raising their pride and joy, their daughter Myra.  The year was 1925, and soon another member would join their family --- entwining himself as the son they never had.  As love blossomed into marriage, war tore Myraʼs world asunder.  In its aftermath, Myra and her husband forged a partnership that not only spawned profound changes on the state and its capital, but also proffered a message for the nation.

Not until later in life did Myra understand the intricacies of love earned, and love lost.  Faced with a surprising truth that had remained hidden for over a half century, she took solace in beautiful memories made in the pristine Indiana countryside.  No regrets.

Envelop yourself in this timeless journey, gain an appreciation for the memories in your own life, and consider generations yet unborn. 

Book Reviews

Rural origins and values were the basis of urban development before, during and after World War II. PRISM follows three generations of an Indiana family as it reaps the rewards of patience, hard work, and high moral principles.

At its core, this book focuses on a concern for the trends of social and ecological deterioration currently prevalent in our inner cities and the alarmingly rapid inversion of our rural areas.

Accurate as to each time period and featuring excellent descriptive narrative, this book characterizes the time and place of actual events. A pleasure to read, this novel is a lesson in treasured American values

The reader will be left to reflect on America’s quality of life in the future.

Dr. Horace “Hoey” Paarlberg
Retired Director
Purdue University Research Centers

PRISM in an incredible, heartfelt journey through Myra’s life. It spans generatios of a family living their values: fulfilling marriages, rearing children, and living one’s faith by serving the community and the nation. Within its pages unfolds a beautiful love story accurately portraying life’s everyday realities and the challenges of saving valuable farmland.

The surprises Myra encounters are handled with both grace and dignity. I have personal perspective on this captivating book, because my family proudly claims a lineage of Indiana farmers traced to 1815. I know first-hand that Hetty Gray sheds light on a vital mission that every American should recognize --- maintaining the land in order to isure an ongoing, safe, and abundant food supply.

The reader will be left to reflect on America’s quality of life in the future.

Melina Fox
Former Presidential USDA Appointee
The Farm Service Agency U. S.
Department of Agriculture
Washington, D.C.
September 1993- January, 2001