The Power of the Written Word

        Hetty Gray trunks & twigs
By Hetty Gray

Looking for That Perfect Children's Gift? Here it is!
"Trunks & Twigs"

A delightful family history for a child, completely in verse!
Each book is unique --- no two alike, meticulously crafted for your special child by a published author and poet.

If you consider your memory not better, but worse;
don't consider your failings a permanent curse.
Take a few moments. It won't take much time.
Give us the data. We'll put it in rhyme.

Which witty saying or person proves the most sage,
as you and your child sit and read every page?
We vouch that you, with the book in your hand,
will find it all that we claimed and much more than you planned!

I take care as I write a poem for each child. Such effort takes considerable time and thoughtful composition.

(Laminated, coil-bound, colorful text on 100 lb. Cardstock) Truly a "one of a kind" gift, destined to become a family treasure!

Two-generation book (Parents and Grandparents) $75
Three-generation book (Parents, Grandparents, and Great-grandparents) $100
Shipping and Handling $ 6
Delivery: 3-4 weeks
Holiday Orders: 4-6 weeks

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